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Choosing a Web Hosting Company

There are many different factors to consider when you are looking for a company to host your web site.  You will want to decide what function your website will serve.  Is it simply to host your business functions?  It is becoming common for business meetings to be held online, allowing associates from various parts of the world to communicate in real time, in a manner that is efficient and inexpensive.  Will your website need to handle this feature?  Internet marketing is also a fast growing business.  There are many internet marketing techniques that will assist you in making your website profitable and attractive to the consumer.  Many businesses maintain an online presence to make themselves more accessible to the public.  Many businesses can attribute growth with being approachable on the web.  There are even websites that exist simply to make the masses aware of all the different products and services offered by a company.

Some people use websites as a vehicle for generating revenue.  By using revenue generating features and tools, you can supplement your current income and perhaps even make enough to leave your cubicle job and become your own boss!  These revenue generating companies and tools basically pay for each click received which makes the site more popular and makes your choice in a web hosting company that much more important.  You need to make sure that the company can grow with your needs.

Websites like Geocities, which is run by Yahoo, allow you to post your web page online for free.  This will allow you to create a rather simple page that gives information on a personal level or on an informal business level.  There are many advantages to using a free service in the beginning while you figure out what kind of site you will eventually need.  You may also choose to continue using a free service long term.

Some web hosting companies will allow you to create and post a website for free.  This can allow you to test drive the company and decide if they are going to be a good fit.  Often you will get a number of extra features if you register with the paid web hosting company.  This may result in more prominent placement on search engines and other websites.
It is also important to evaluate your size and data requirements.  You need to make sure that your potential web hosting company will be able to service your needs now and down the road.  If your company experiences explosive growth in the next two years, will they be able to adjust to accommodate your needs?  What if your growth happens over the next six months?  Will they still be ready?  Make sure that the company has a documented history of steady and efficient growth.  All the promises and cheap prices in the world won’t make up for losing customers because the “server went down”, you don’t care and neither do your customers.   Also, pay attention to the privacy offered by your web hosting company.  What will happen if a security breach occurs and your customer database goes out to 2,000 spammers?  It is important to be prepared and make sure you choose a company that helps you protect your investment.

These are only a few of the things to consider when choosing a company to host your web site.  By asking questions, being informed and shopping around, you will find the company that is right for you and will help you maximize your profits.

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