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Home > Learn More > Page 6 > Choosing the Right Blog Hosting Company

Choosing the Right Blog Hosting Company

Having a blog can be a great way to get traffic to a website or just be a good way for you to interact with your friends and family online. Blog hosting is a necessary element to blogging. A host is a service provider who provides you with the space on their huge hard drives to store your blog. They also keep it connected to the Internet for you. In doing this, they provide you with the opportunity to remain on the web. However, selecting the right type of blog hosting is important and it is based on the type of blog you have.
There are many web hosts that offer hosting for blogs specifically. You can also get this as an add on service to the type of website hosting you may already have. One mistake people make is to think that blogging is completely different from a website. The fact is, the design of the software is different, but you are still renting a portion of space on the Internet for your blog. The most popular blog hosting formats right now are WordPress, Blogger and Typepad.
When it comes to selecting the right type of hosting, keep the following aspects in mind for your blog:

  1. Choose a blog host that offers the types of scripts that you need. Scripts, or blog software, should be easy to install and use for you. It is also important to choose between Linux and Windows, two popular options. Most blogs run well on the Linux server. Many people will select a cPanel host, which means that there is an admin control panel enabled. That comes with most Linux hosting plans. When you have this feature, you can easily install and manage your blogging script.
  2. Installation is virtually always a factor when it comes to blogging. Select a type of blog hosting that offers an easy installation process. You will need to download the script and the upload all of the files to the server, usually using an FTP. The next step involves setting up a database and then ensuring that the scripts and the database work together. There are errors that you need to fix from time to time. Some hosts make this process easier than others do. Look for a feature called Fantastico to be available to you.
  3. The reliability of your blog hosting is also important. If you want your blog to be readily available anytime that someone visits it, you need to have the right level of web hosting. Look for a host that offers 99.5 percent or better hosting reliability.

One of the nice things you will find about blog hosting is that it is a highly affordable solution in most instances. You can usually spend about $10 or less per month to have your blog up on the web reliably with the features you are hoping for. Compare a few hosting options before you select just one. That way, you are sure to be in the right position.


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