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Finding the Best Web Hosting

What makes the best web hosting? You may hear that people use the term "best" quite frequently. Those who are looking for a web hosting service want to know which one is the best out there while each of those companies claim that they offer the best hosting possible. How can you know what the truth is? What is important is to focus on what your website needs are. If you are considering a commercial hosting plan, for a business website, there are several aspects that you need to keep in mind as you do so.

  1. Reliability: Beyond anything else, having a reliable hosting service is critical to choosing the right hosting company.  The best web hosting offers a minimum uptime of 99 percent. You want to look for the highest number possible here.
  2. Data Transfer: One reason websites do down is because they just do not have enough space for the traffic coming in. For a simple website, with basic traffic, consider a 1 to 3 GB traffic per month. As you grow in traffic numbers increase the amount of bandwidth you are purchasing.
  3. Space and More Space: Some people make the mistake of buying too much space for their needs which ends up just costing you money. Most of the time, websites need less than 10 MB of web space. Some companies offer unlimited space. If you plan to spend more to get unlimited or even 500 MB of space (which are common offers) realize you just might not need it.
  4. Support: Support is critical to anyone who is setting up a website. The best web hosting services provide you with technical support 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Chances are good that you will use the support feature frequently, which is why it is a good idea to pay more for this service.
  5. Abbreviations: You know these functions and tools as the abbreviations FTP, MySQL, telnet, SSI, Perl, PHP, SSL, Shopping Cart, etc. If you will need these services, and in most of the cases you will need them, then you want to ensure that the company you are obtaining hosting from actually offers them through the hosting plan you select. Sometimes, this is a way to try to get you to upgrade.

What else should you look for? Consider what you need to run your website. If it would be helpful to have it, then you can include it. Some of the best web hosting services offer a control panel, email, autoresponders, mail forwarding, POP3, multiple domain hosting, and more. Again, if these are features that your website or your business could benefit from, then they are good additions to a hosting package.

What you should also know is that the price of the best web hosting services is not too far out of line with others. You can also find options for monthly and annual payment plans, to help you to break up those costs. Do spend more for what you need.


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