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Home > Learn More > Page 6 > 5 Things the Best Web Host Offers

5 Things the Best Web Host Offers

You want the best web host, but do you know which company is the best out there? There is no one answer that is right for everyone. One of the ways that these companies compete is to offer different services, unique plans and packages and competitive pricing. That way, they have something to offer to you that the other guys do not. The best web host is the one that caters to your particular needs. This changes from one company to the next, of course.
However, when shopping for the best web host, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. These are the aspects of hosting that define the okay companies from the best.

  1. Reliability: You need a website that is reliable, to the T. Look for a company that offers 99.7 to 99.9 percentage of uptime. This is not a factor since even some of the most affordable companies can offer a guaranteed uptime like this. However, if it is lower, or not guaranteed, then you may be working with a company incapable of maintaining this goal.
  2. Tech support: It is important to have on call tech support for your website. Problems occur at all times of the day and night. You also want to ensure that the tech support is readily accessible to you whether that be through email or through a phone call. Finally, find out if they outsource the tech support, which can waste your time and have you speaking to someone you do not understand.
  3. Bandwidth and space: Do not choose a plan that does not offer you at least 30 percent more space than you need. Some of the best web host services do not limit the amount of space or bandwidth you can have access to. This is an excellent resource for those websites that are growing and developing, and really, which websites are not doing this?
  4. Scripts and tools: Another key feature of the best web host is that they offer the type of service that is right for your business, which means access to the scripts and tools that your business needs. Some companies even give you access to a simple installation process.
  5. Easy control and flexibility: This topic encompasses a lot. You want a web host that is going to allow your business to grow and gives you the tools to help it do so. It should give you the flexibility to sell products, to control your website through an easy to use control panel and it should provide you with the resources to handle problems as they occur.

The best web host is the one that provides you with an easy to use service that is going to offer long term protection for you. Though at some point you may need to move your hosting from company to company, you want to ensure that the company is not the reason you have to do this. Look for these features in the best web hosts available.


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