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An Overview On Best Web Hosting

Hosting providers come in all types, but the question remains as to what type of provider should you select to do business with?  Who will give you a better deal, as well as provide you with the service you need?  To answer these questions you should find the niche of what your provider should be.

What is the definition of niche web hosting?  Niche web hosting is basically a service that is targeted more towards a specific group of customers, which is known as a niche.  Their services are basically molded to meet the needs of their customers within that group, which can range from being able to offer certain services for a variety of types of hosting for your web site.

There are a myriad of different types of hosting available such as e-mail hosting, image hosting, reseller hosting, and audio hosting.  E-mail hosting, targets businesses that want to have their e-mail addresses saved on a different server than the one that their web site is located on.  The reason for this is that if the web site happens to go down, then the e-mails can still be accessed.

In recent years it seems as if image hosting has continued to rise in popularity.  Image hosting is targeted more towards those individuals that need the space to display image files without having the need of a complete web site.  With reseller hosting, the reseller accounts are individually sold and hosting cannot be purchased for personal use.

For those looking for something new, there is audio hosting available.  This type of best web hosting is targeted more towards musicians, which will allow them the capability of displaying their work, online.  It also gives them a web site, so they can include any images and other information they need.  Podcast hosting has also started to become popular these days.  In fact, there are web sites that will allow you to take your podcasts and upload them, so that they are available to others.

Many hosting providers will target certain web site owners with specific services such as artists, photographers, and web designers.  Often times, they will provide tools and templates that are designed for the targeted market.

It is not always the case that niche web site hosting is cheaper than others.  Of course, they offer fewer services at discounted prices such as imaging and audio.  You may be only paying up to three dollars a month for either e-mail hosting or audio hosting, but now there are more providers available that are offering full service packages at the same rates.

It is no wonder that web hosting providers are leaning towards targeting a much smaller group and that they are charging a little more than what their competitors are charging.  This is only because they do not have the option or luxury of being able to sell their space in bulk, to bigger groups of clients.  They may also charge fees that tend to be increased simply because they are able to provide specialty tools and templates to their target group.

A regular web site hosting service will be able to provide you with the most options.  However, it is all a matter of preference more than anything else.  The only exception may be, if you were to find a niche web host that has the capabilities to provide you with all the specialty tools that you need.  Often times niche hosting is only for limited services, but there are times in which, that is all that you will really need.


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