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Home > Learn More > Page 7 > Hosting for the Beginner Hosting for the Beginner

If you have never had a website in the past—at least not one created with ASP—you need to take advantage of the tutorials on Hosting is an important part of your website’s success, so you want to spend some time discovering what features you can use with an ASP website, how it operates and the kind of hosting experience you should expect from Hosting. All of the tools are right there at your disposal, so you don’t need to look all over the Internet to locate what you need to create your website. The important thing is to understand the process you must follow and how to begin building the website you want.

Before you begin building you’re your website, make sure you understand how hosting works. You want to make sure you are able to include all of the interactive features you want and can meet any requirements for bandwidth. In addition you need to decide if you are going to need dedicated hosting which is not include with any free or premium package—you will always pay an additional charge for dedicated hosting. What kind of technical support do you need? Which features are important in order to present your website to your customers in an attractive way? How many hits do you expect each month? All of these are important questions you need to answer before you make any commitment to building any kind of website, ASP or otherwise.

Another thing you need to do is make sure you understand the terms of the hosting package. Even with a free hosting package there are certain conditions that are part of the package, so you want to ascertain what you are getting. Of course, that requires you to make sure those conditions meet your needs. The above questions are only a few of those you want to ask yourself at the onset of your web building project.  Each business website has different requirements, so you need to ascertain there is a package that meets your needs. It is better to find out before you begin so you know in what direction you must head. website includes many different tools and instructions to help you build your website. With the tutorials available new users can learn not only how to build an ASP run website but also all about hosting packages. While the initial package is free, some of the tools you need may have a small cost attached to it; however, the most expensive addition is dedicated hosting which can start as low as $50-60 and go as high as the hundreds for those who have a substantial number of users they need to accommodate. Sit down, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable as you read through all of the information on and get a feel for both web building and hosting. After you feel comfortable download the tools you need to build your interactive website.


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