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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > How To Change Your Web Host Without Losing Your Search Ranking

How To Change Your Web Host Without Losing Your Search Ranking

When you choose a web hosting company you need to be sure that you get one that will meet all of your needs, hopefully the first time around.  If you do not find a good web hosting company you are faced with the dilemma of switching your web hosting service.  Switching web hosting companies is a headache because you face considerable downtime.  If your site is down for too long, you could lose sales, customers and even visitors.  While you can tell your customers that there will be a downtime that may not help you when it comes to the search engine rankings you have built up. 

Many people do not realize that switching their web hosting provider can affect the search engine rankings their website has gained.  However, when moving your website from one web hosting provider to another correctly, your search engine rankings should not be impacted.  Here are some points to remember when you switch providers so that your rankings are impacted. 

  • Check the IP address of your new provider before you switch.  Some IP addresses have been banned from search engine rankings or they have been known to have major issues, such as extended downtimes for no reason.  You do not want to switch you web hosting provider to one that is sitting on an IP address that is unfavorable.  If you do, your search engine rankings will suffer a major impact.
  • Always perform a full backup of your website before you move to a new provider.  This will make it considerably easier to set up your site on the new web hosting provider with minimal down time.  Additionally, if you have your site backed up and there is a problem with the new web hosting provider you will be able to return to your old provider and have your site back and up running almost instantly.
  • Remember to always test your website once you have it loaded onto the new server.  Yes, you will be in hurry to have the site up and running quickly, but it is a good idea to test all of your forms, forums, applications, pages and databases to make sure everything is the right working order.  This will also allow you to fix problems immediately instead of waiting for someone to point it out.
  • Once you have confirmed that all of your files have transferred over to your new web hosting server and everything is working the way it should be you are ready to transfer your domain name server from the old host over to the new host.  You can use the control panel to switch your old name server for the new one.  Once you do this you will be back in business.  Remember that it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the entire process to take effect and for the new domain to propagate so that the internet recognizes that your site has been moved.

If you follow the above listed tips, your search engine rankings should not be impacted.  All that is left for you to do is to let your customers know there has been a change.


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