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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Managed Dedicated Hosting Explained

Managed Dedicated Hosting Explained

Managed Dedicated Hosting is the most popular type of hosting among medium to large companies and other organizations. Having a managed and dedicated hosting service suits large organizations because it offers the most disk space and the largest amount of data transfer. Most of the providers offer at least 500 Gigs of data transfer a month.

Managed Dedicated Hosting simply means you have the whole server to yourself. There is no one else on the server but your company. The great thing is that your company doesn’t have to carry out the maintenance on the server. Your web host provider will take care of the technical side of things for you. And your company doesn’t own the server. It merely has the sole right to use it. It’s like leasing a car: you use it but you don’t own it.

The company that owns the server will normally manage it on the lessee’s behalf. This is known as a Managed Hosting Service. This service is usually used by companies and other organizations that have websites that receive large amounts of traffic or websites that have huge databases, which operate more reliably and efficiently on dedicated servers of their own.

Prices for this service usually start around $99 a month with a range of optional add-ons. It depends entirely on the firm’s particular requirements. The prices for Managed Dedicated Hosting are quite a lot higher than the price of a shared hosting plan. The difference is that you have a whole server dedicated to your enterprise, and that ensures more up time. That alone gives you peace of mind – knowing you are less likely problems with your server because your organization is the only one using it.

Semi-dedicated servers are servers shared by a small number of non-related customers. All of them have higher than normal usage patterns, which disqualifies them for regular shared hosting but does not justify Managed Dedicated Hosting. Rates for this type of hosting start around $60/month.

Yet another type of web hosting is known as VPS. VPS means Virtual Private Server. Virtual dedicated servers split single physical servers’ hard drives into different virtual servers. This VPS services are priced around $19 a month and up.

Finally there is Shared Hosting, which is the exact opposite of Managed Dedicated Hosting because many different users share the same server. Of course, this is the least expensive route to go. Here are examples of just how affordable they are:

1. offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth plus unlimited domains, all of this starting at just $3.95. It has excellent 24/7 phone support.

2. offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth plus 24/7 free live phone support, all for just $3.95 a month.

3. offers free domain registry for life and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Like so many web hosting services it offers a free site builder and free instant site setup, all starting at just $4.95 a month.

As you can see there are several different options available to you for all your hosting needs. So finding the one best for you should be easy. It is recommended you use Managed Dedicated Hosting plans if you are a business or organization and need a more reliable server than shared hosting.


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