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Home > Learn More > Page 6 > Purchasing Cheap Dedicated Hosting

Purchasing Cheap Dedicated Hosting

You know that there are many companies that offer cheap dedicated hosting, but what you might not realize is that each one of these companies offers something unique. A hosting plan for a dedicated host may offer more than you think. In other situations, it might not provide you with all you need. Before you invest, consider a variety of companies and the actual hosting plans that they provide. You will be impressed with your options.

Costs and Upgrades

One of the biggest differences in cheap dedicated hosting is the ability of the host to provide you with managed service. For the lowest price, consider unmanaged servers. These provide you with the ability to manage your own server and therefore reduce the amount of manpower that the server has to offer to your hosting. However, keep in mind that you either need to hire someone to handle this for you or you need to manage it yourself. Not everyone can handle the management of a server who is running a business.

On the other hand, managed service might be worth upgrading to. It is usually a bit more money but it takes all the hassle out of managing your operating system and your website's connection to the Internet. More so, many companies will lure you in with cheap dedicated hosting only to turn around and tell you that the low price they just quoted you is actually for unmanaged service. Again, this is rarely a good investment for the average small business getting online.

Upgrades are another way that you may be lured in to a cheap dedicated hosting company's plan. As with any type of product you may buy, the un-upgraded version often offers the low cost. However, there may be specific upgrades that you actually need and that are not really options. For example, you may have to upgrade to get a control panel. Or, you may have to upgrade to get access to a specific type of operating system that you need or want to have.

Other upgrades can be very costly, really depleting the cheap dedicated hosting service. For example, if you need more bandwidth, more disk space or you just need more power, you will pay a good deal for it in many situations.

So, how can you get cheap dedicated hosting without spending too much money? Start with selecting a hosting product that offers the type of hosting you actually need. Compare companies not just based on their price, but on the product they are offering. If you have decided to go with dedicated hosting, you may want to consider the benefits of shared or virtual hosting instead if cost is a large factor.

At the end of the day, price matters to many businesses. However, there is little benefit in purchasing cheap dedicated hosting if it is not offering the features you need. Compare a number of companies to learn what the best product for you is and how to price it appropriately.


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