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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > The Differences of PHP and ASP

The Differences of PHP and ASP

To be able to know the difference between PHP and ASP, knowledge of both is needed.
PHP, also known as “Hypertext Preprocessor,” allows web developers to create dynamic content, which interacts with databases. PHP applications are found on Linux servers and in conjunction with MySQL databases. It provides servers with functionally similar to that provided to the Windows platform by Active Server Pages technology. PHP is a scripting language used on websites. Originally designed for websites, the programmers of the language have expanded the use to include other programming languages of both simple applications and the more complex applications.

Some of the features built into PHP are functions such as print and mysql_query, which meet a variety of needs by programmers. PHP also allow programmers to create their own functions and customizing a program. By being adaptable to the programmer, PHP is easy for the programmer to manipulate to obtain individual results within the program. The benefit for being able to customize the program, a programmer is saving valuable time when writing code as well as being able to keep the applications smaller.

With this said about PHP, the simple manner a programmer can utilize this language to write is highly beneficial and ultimately time saving. Many web developers use this language due to the options it presents instead of complicated other languages that require extended periods of time to use. Even though it can be and is used for other purposes, PHP is used primarily with networks and domain names.

ASP, also known as Active Service Pages, allows programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications, and web services. ASP was developed and marketed by Microsoft in 2002. ASP is not a language but a server-side scripting environment application. In order to work the environment, ASP coders use VBScript or Jscript. Other scripting languages can be used with ASP as long as ActiveX scripting engine is used for the language to be installed properly.

ASP scripts are ASCII files, creating a web page utilizing the script is possible. However, in order to use ASP a server supporting ASP is needed to view the scripts. Built by Microsoft, ASP runs with the Window-based software, Internet Explorer and Personal Web Server. The NT IIS 4 contains the newest version of ASP.

ASP also has the ability to allow the programmers to write less code and formation information from a database. ASP also is a “live” application, which means it less time when editing HTML pages content.

PHP is designed more for the domain names and network servers, allowing better performance based on the needs of these applications. PHP is also used on websites with greater ease as it does not require the ASCII file application to be functional with other applications. It is more user friendly in regards to code writing and making corrections or editing faster. PHP can run on non-window based systems making it more versatile for users. Without placing the limits on the operating systems PHP is also crossing the lines of communication with users using Apple products.

ASP is designed for multi media and downloading. It has limitations in regards to needing ASCII files to provide optimal performance for users. While ASP is good for the certain projects is it designed for, it has limited abilities of crossing over to other operating systems such as Apple. This limits the prospective consumers that might be able to use the application. PHP is a language compared to ASP being an application. The limits of an application are more than an actual language which can be manipulated by a programmer.


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