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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > APlus.Net Web Hosting Review

APlus.Net Web Hosting Review


APlus.Net offers both Unix- and Windows-based hosting, with four different plans: Personal, Business, Professional and Ecommerce.

All four plans come with POP3 and IMAP email, Webmail, SMTP service, spam filtering and spam protection, email forwarders and aliases, autoresponders and virus protection. Other features include a control panel, file manager, usage meter, redirection management, daily server backups, firewall protection, PHPmyAdmin, Google Adsense and support for FrontPage, PHP, Perl, Ajax and CGI scripts. In addition, all Unix plans offer unlimited sub-domains and support for Ruby, C/C++, Python and TCL. All Windows plans provide support for, ASP, XML parser and IIS ASP components.

Both the Unix and Windows Personal package offer 5 gigabtyes of disk space, 100 gigabytes of bandwidth, 50 email addresses, one free domain, downloadable raw access logs (Windows only), 125 megabytes of email storage (Windows only), one FTP account and one MySQL database. The Unix plan also comes with an image manipulation tool and thumbnail generator, while the Windows option includes shared SSL.

All plans above the Personal option include a support for multiple domains, unlimited email addresses, custom MIME types, password-protected directories, security monitoring, shared SSL, keyword density analyzer, custom web counter, search engine submission and optimization, search engine ranking, Webalizer graphical statistics, downloadable raw access logs, Google AdWords, Microsoft's AdCenter and Amazon Junction. Other features include a WordPress blog, Website creator, image manipulation tool, thumbnail generator, HTML validation tool, load time optimization, a PDF2Web converter, Sitemap builder, weather toolbar, RSS feed reader, Form Mail, guestbook, personal and advanced blogs, application library and server side includes. All Unix plans above Personal also come with a Cgi-bin, Google Sitemap, a phpBB forum, Coppermine photo gallery, custom error pages, Website search engine and media Wiki. Windows plans above Personal all include Active Microsoft Indexing and a private database folder.'s Business plans feature 200 gigabytes of disk space, 2,000 gigabytes of bandwidth, two free domains, up to five hosted domains, two FTP accounts and three MySQL databases. The Unix option also comes with unlimited sub-domains, while the Windows package offers 250 megabytes of email storage and a 50-megabyte MS SQL 2005 database.

Both Professional packages include 250 gigabytes of disk space, 2,500 gigabytes of bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, three free domains and up to 25 hosted domains. The Professional plans also come with five FTP accounts, five MySQL databases, dedicated IP address (Unix only), Tomcat Java servlet and JSP engine (Unix only), Real Audio/Video/G2 servers (Unix only). The Windows Professional plan also comes with a Website search engine and phpBB forum, while the Unix option features an osCommerce store and merchant account.

The eCommerce plans come with 250 gigabytes of disk space, 2,500 gigabytes of bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, three free domains, 10 FTP accounts, 10 MySQL databases, up to 50 hosted domains, merchant account, osCommerce, Miva Merchant online store, credit card payment gateway and options for a dedicated SSL certificate, customer survey, CRM chat and click-to-call features. The Unix option offers 250 gigabytes of email storage, support for unlimited sub-domains and an eCommerce Booster with Miva5 storefronts, while the Windows option provides 1000 megabytes of email storage and a 350 megabyte MS SQL 2005 database. also offers dedicated servers, Web design services and marketing and domain services.

Founded as Abacus America in 1992, the Overland Park, Kansas-based has more than 100,000 customers.

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