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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > atlanticmetrocommunications.Com Web Hosting Review

atlanticmetrocommunications.Com Web Hosting Review



Atlantic Metro provides ISP solutions, IP bandwidth solutions, metro transport, collocation, managed hosting, WiMAX, and voice solutions. The firm has been in operation since 2002 and among its clientele are VoIP suppliers, ISPs, Web2.0 start-ups, web solution and hosting providers, and other clients who make use of large bandwidth volumes. The firm has a self-sufficient IP backbone. In addition, Atlantic Metro makes use of roof top access and fiber optic networks to serve its clientele. Their services are SAS70 compliant. The firm has sales offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The firms’ services are classified into two major categories i.e. in terms of solutions and in terms of industry. In the first category, the services listed include collocation, voice solutions, managed services, metro transport, data storage, and IP bandwidth. In the industry category are services like voice, enterprise, carrier, financial, streaming media, and hosting.

The collocation solution is applicable for persons who want to host websites, streaming media servers, or databases that are in excess of shared hosting resources. The collocation options are offered in five categories i.e. private caged space (sq. ft.), by the rack, full cabinet, half cabinet, and quarter cabinet. For all these categories, clients are offered services including remote reboot, web-based support, premium IP bandwidth, etc. Persons interested in the service can choose from among the specials offered for example 1U server plus 1 Mbps or Additional IP address and many more. These are all paid for monthly.

The metro fiber transport service solutions are classified according to the client’s budget and include options like the Ethernet transport, Dark Fiber, and Dark Fiber Waves. For the latter two clients should note that CWDM waves can only be found on selected routes. The Ethernet solution has four options i.e. Full 10 Gigabit, 1 Gigabit, 100 Mbps full duplex, and 10 Mbps duplex.
Atlantic Metro’s IP Bandwidth solutions capture the clients’ requirements for redundancy and reliability. A list of on-net buildings in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto is provided on the corresponding webpage.

Managed services are another part of the Atlantic Metro portfolio and clients can choose from either content acceleration or managed firewall services. For the content acceleration solution, Atlantic Metro uses a TCP stack rather than the conventional CDN format. The managed firewall has features like NAT, VPN, 24-7 monitoring, and statistics that are web based.

The Atlantic Metro website has made a point of explaining all the services that fall under each of the industry based solutions. For example, under industry hosting, the services explained include collocation services, voice services, and bandwidth services. Links leading to more detailed information for each of these are also provided.

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