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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > aventurehost.Com Web Hosting Review

aventurehost.Com Web Hosting Review



A part of the Aventure Media Brand, Aventure Hosting is a web hosting solutions firm. There are four main types of products on this website and these are the managed servers, reseller packages, virtual private servers, and shared webhosting. The going rates for these products are provided starting from the most basic price which is either charged monthly or annually.

The virtual server product is designed to cater for persons who desire to have dedicated servers but have budgetary constraints to contend with. Such a server is independent in its control of settings like the processor, memory, and hardware. Clients are able to choose the specifications that they want for their virtual server including aspects like memory, control panels, port speed, processor, and backup frequency. As such, it is very difficult to find two similar virtual servers. With each virtual server are standard packages that include the cPanel 11 series that has features like POP3 accounts, MySQL databases, forwarders, and redirects. Also featuring is the PHP 4.4.8; the 5.2.6 version is also included, Ruby on Rails, CDP backup network, 24-7 support, Citrix powered live screen sharing, and OpenDNS integration. All these have been well explained.

The firm also offers Enterprise Managed Servers solutions which are offered in a customizable format where clients are able to create servers to their own specifications and be able to increase the capacities as time goes by. As compared to traditional servers, Aventure Host’s clustering platform is able to facilitate a disk performance increase of 30% and 1500% for network and disc performance. Clients who use this type of management have complete console access and full control on network, graph, and power management. For this package there is 24-7 technical support through chat, e-mail, and phone.

The reseller package enables clients to host unlimited domains. This is through the use of Web Host Manager. This package perfectly suits personal users, designers, and hosting resellers. The Web Host Manager facilitates disk space modification; DNS zone editing, and control over terminations and suspensions. With the WHM application one is assured of a robust and efficient design. For persons wishing to get into the business of reselling, they simply need to buy a reselling account and then start selling personal web hosting services to the public directly. These accounts include 24-7 technical support, and accounts and sales support. The standard features here include the cPanel or Web Host Manager 11 Series, CDP backup network, and generally all the features that come with the virtual server product that has been described above.

Shared hosting solutions are best advised for small business or personal websites. This solution basically suits a single server onto which multiple customers and websites are attached. Also available from this firm are Microsoft solutions that enable one to host Office solutions, Exchange, and Sharepoint etc.

Whilst Aventure Hosts’ operations are mainly in the UK, the services are expanding to Germany, the US and several other countries.

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