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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > bargainvault.Com Web Hosting Review

bargainvault.Com Web Hosting Review



Bargain Vault offers three main categories of web hosting plans. The first of these is the Bargain package. Here clients are offered 5000 MB disc space plus 500 GB data transfer. In the Power Bargain package, 25000 MB of disc space and 2500 GB of data transfer are availed. The eventual package i.e. the Pro Bargain offers clients 100000 MB disc space plus 10000 GB data transfer. All of these packages do offer PERL, MySQL, PHP, and lots of other features. The fourth option is the Pro Bargain Plus which is capable if hosting limitless domains with a single account. It has unlimited domains, bandwidth, and disc space plus all the necessary addition including all the aforementioned plus cPanel and Fantastico.

The Bargain package was designed to cater for personal webspace requirements. The Power Bargain option is meant for web hosting requirements. The Pro Bargain is ideally designed to meet the specifications of business websites. There is mention of a fourth option i.e. the Pro Bargain Plus which is designed especially for people with multiple domains.

Bargain Vault have made  it easy for prospective clients to access information pertaining to these packages quick enough through the use of columnar presentation. All their options have a going monthly rate and payments can also be made annually. The specifications for the server include Dual Xenon 5405 CPU, 100 Gbps Network Connectivity, cPanel graphical user interface (GUI), a Linux OS, 8 GB RAM, and Apache Web Server Software.

There are lots of basic features that clients will enjoy making use of should they decide on Bargain Vault’s products. Amongst these are free setup, Ruby on Rails, SI, phpMyAdmin, Domain lockup tool, WAP, unlimited sub domains, Perl 5.5.8, PHP 5.2.6, customizable error messages, JavaScript Support, Index manager, Cron Jobs, CGI- Bin directory, HotLink Protection and so much more. As for the Web Statistics and Logs, clients are offered features like Awstats, Raw Access Logs, Bandwidth Usage Indicator, Webalizer Statistics and more. The e-mail features are equally impressive with numerous features like POP3 Mail servers, IMAP, Spam Assasin, Unlimited Mail Forwards, MX entry modification, SMTP mail server, unlimited e-mail accounts etc.

The ecommerce features include the Zen Cart, CubeCart, Agora shopping cart, Shared Secure Server Access, and osCommerce.
Moving on to the cPanel scripts we find included features like Counter, Java Chat, Advanced Guest Book, phpMyChat, Countdown, Random HTML and more. Their Blog systems feature bv2evolution, WordPress, and Nucleus. Bargain Vault has made use of Fantastico in their packages and the features are all detailed on the relevant page.
Bargain Vault has joined up with Wild West Domains to offer clients with low cost domain names. The latter are said to have both reliable services and 24-7 technical support capacities.

Click Here to Visit bargainvault.Com Web Hosting

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