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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > GreenGeeks.Com Web Hosting Review

Green Geeks Web Hosting Review

Most Attractive: For $4.95 per month Green Geeks is a very cost effective service. They are 300% Wind Powered to keep with their Green theme. They also offer a free webpage builder which has 600+ templates to choose from.

Least Attractive: : Green Geeks only offers Linux hosting packages which is fine for the majority of websites out there. They also don’t offer online marketing credits like some other hosting companies do.



Editor's Review


As the name suggests, GreenGeeks does their best when it comes green hosting. In fact they are well known as the best green web hosting service provider. Green Geeks was founded in 2006 and since then they have done a tremendous job of providing only the best customer service to their clients and at the same time they have also done their job in decreasing carbon footprint by being a green hosting service provider.

Aside being an environment friendly company they also excel when it comes to customer service. They take pride in providing and delivering the highest customer satisfaction rate since they believe that the only way to succeed in this kind of industry is to have happy clients. Green Geeks web hosting provides the best packages and plans as well as the best service anyone could ask for; this plus go green motto, what else could you look for?

Price and Plans

GreenGeeks offers 3 different plans from which customers can choose from which include almost everything that you could want and need when it comes to managing and putting up your own website. Almost all three plans contain the same inclusions; the price differs only and can drop the longer your plan is.

  • 12 month plan. The shortest Eco plan of GreenGeeks is the 12 months plan. Most Green Geeks reviews will recommend this as the best plan for starters who want to try out green geeks, or for those who are first timers when it comes to putting up their own website. The 12 month plan includes unlimited bandwidth and data transfers, use of email addresses, free site builders and a domain which is technically free for life. The 12 month plan comes in at $5.95 per month

  • 24 month plan. The 24 month plan, offers exactly the same features as the 12 month plan, the only difference is that it is cheaper by a dollar which comes in at $4.95 per month

  • 36 month plan. The 36 month plan is the cheapest of the 3 plans which comes in at just $2.95 per month with exactly the same inclusions as the 12 and 24 month plans. Many bigger and experience companies and individuals purchase this type of plan.


GreenGeeks assures each client that they will get a full refund in case they cancel their subscriptions. A 30 day trial period is given to each client that decides to purchase Green Geeks as their web hosting provider. Other web hosting providers promise their clients a refund for a cancellation made anytime; there are no limited trial periods, however I think that 30 days is more than enough to decide whether GreenGeeks is the perfect web hosting provider for or not.


The fact that GreenGeeks is a green hosting service provider serves as the perfect reason to purchase this web hosting company. Being environment friendly plus really good and affordable rates makes this the perfect web hosting service provider.

Aside from this, GreenGeek provides all the other basic features of a web hosting company such as unlimited bandwidth, and a life time use of a domain. GreenGeeks also uses the latest Intel Quad Core Xenon processor which makes this one of the most reliable web hosting programs to date.


GreenGeeks has a reliable team of customer support agents which can be contacted 24/7, anytime of the day, whether it rains or shines. They can be contacted through their online live chat, through emails or through their hotlines. For those who don’t like waiting its best to use GreenGeeks’ online chat since you can definitely get answers in seconds.

Ease of Use

A lot of GreenGeeks reviews have acknowledged the fact that GreenGeeks has a simple interface and easy to use control panels which makes it a user friendly web hosting service provider. If clients still have a hard time using it due to the technical aspect of things, they can always contact the customer support team who are always happy to help.



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