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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > HostDime.Com Web Hosting Review

HostDime.Com Web Hosting Review



HostDime offers Shared Website Hosting for customers who want to host theim website on a Shared Web Server with other people’s websites. Mainly for non- business websites, there is very little setup. HostDime provides a security team, which maintains a monitoring, and auditing process for the shared hosting servers.

HostDime offers five Shared Website Hosting Plans. The Deluxe Plan offers 200GB disk space, 2000GB of bandwidth and host 10 domains. The Supreme Plan offers 400GB disk space, 4000GB of bandwidth and host 20 domains. The Pro Plan offers 500GB disk space, 5000GB of bandwidth and host 30 domains. The Business Plan offers 600GB disk space, 6000GB of bandwidth and host 50 domains. The Max Plan offers 800GB disk space, 8000GB of bandwidth and host unlimited domains.

Reseller Hosting Plans for customers who want to offer hosting services or run multiple sites can choose one of five cost effective plans. Having a Reseller Hosting Plan allows the customer to resell a hosting bandwidth and disk space that they are not using allowing them to recover some of their web hosting costs. The Silver Plan features 40GB disk space, 3000GB of Bandwidth and unlimited domains. The Antigua Plan features 60GB disk space, 5000GB of Bandwidth and unlimited domains. The Platinum Plan features 10GB disk space, 7000GB of bandwidth and unlimited domains. The Max Plan features 200GB disk space, 10000GB of bandwidth and unlimited domains. The Mega Plan features 300GB disk space, 15000GB bandwidth and unlimited domains.
HostDime also offers VPS Hosting. Virtual private servers are mini servers as each VPS hosting plan is an independent split section of a dedicated server. The customer gets the benefits of full root access, using a customized Linux environment to run their own web applications. VPS hosting solutions offer Security, Stability, Performance and Control over the server. All virtual private server plans include advanced features such as free RVSkin, ClickBe!, site builder, and PHP5. All VPS hosting plans run on Dual Quad-Core Xeons (8 core CPU’s) and 12GB RAM for ultimate processing power. There are three VPS plans. VPS.1, VPS.2 and VPS.3.

Also offered is a broad line of dedicated servers from basic to sophisticated featuring the latest technologies. There are five different options for dedicated servers. Single Core Series Dedicated Servers, Dual Core Series Website Hosting, Quad Core Series Dedicated Hosting, 2x Dual Core Series Dedicated Servers and 2x Quad Core Series Web Servers.

HostDime is a privately owned website hosting provider offering managed hosting services. The company was founded in 2001 HostDime was based in New Jersey until 2003 when the company was moved to Orlando, Florida. The company outgrew the facility and in 2005 moved into a new data center sporting over 10,000 sq. ft of additional space for growth.

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