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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > HostExcellence.Com Web Hosting Review

Host Excellence Web Hosting Review

Most Attractive: Offers a very affordable Linux plan at $3.95 per month and a great Windows plan at $7.95. These plans offer a certain number of dedicated IPs. This is pretty unique for a value web host. These types of plans can be great for SEO.

Least Attractive: The Windows plan is $4.00 per month more than the Linux plan, but Microsoft isn’t cheap either. They don’t offer the same level of freebies that other hosts offer.



Editor's Review


Host Excellence has been in the industry for quite some time now. Since they have started, almost 4 years ago, they have almost perfected their craft which explains the numerous positive feedbacks in other Host Excellence reviews scattered on the Internet. People at Host Excellence believe that the only way to success is to provide only the best customer service in order to maintain a high level of satisfaction among their clients. This has been their motto up until now which is why they are currently on top.

Host Excellence is highly recommended for people who want to put up their own websites and are doing it for the first time. Unlike other web hosting service providers, Host Excellence has simple features which make everything else easy. Price is also not a problem with Host Excellence since they give you the best service coupled with the best price on the market.

So if there are tons of web hosting service providers in the market, why choose this one?

Price and Plans

For those looking for a hosting package, Host Excellence is definitely the choice. There may be other cheaper plans and packages available online but when picking a plan, I think that price should not be the deciding factor, we should also check what do we get out of what we pay.

For Host Excellence, they offer 3 basic packages, namely:

  • Business Plan ($7.95 per month). Purchasing the Business Plan will get you to host multiple domains, get unlimited web space, 2 other free domain registrations, and 3 dedicated IP addresses plus the 24/7 customer support.

  • Ultimate Business ($7.95 per month). The Ultimate Business plan is quite similar to the regular Business Plan package, the only difference is that it has 3 free domain registrations instead of 2, and 15 dedicated IP addresses instead of just 3. Basically, you don’t have anything to lose if you purchase the Ultimate Business Plan.

  • Basic Plan ($3.95 per month). If you are just starting out and building your very first website, the basic plan is all you need. By purchasing the basic plan, you can host multiple domains, unlimited web space, 1 free domain registration and 1 dedicated IP address.

As you can see all the plans of Host Excellence have superb features included in them, so you will definitely get the most out of what you pay. When picking, get the one that you need, and not the one that you want. If you are just starting out and building you very first website just get a basic plan, if you don’t need all the extra add-ons you don’t need to purchase them.


Host Excellence assures each client a 30 day money back guarantee. Each client will treat the first 30 days of subscription as a trial month, and must decide if he or she will still continue to subscribe with Host Excellence. Although there are other web hosting service providers which has the “anytime money back guarantee”, personally I think that 30 days is more than enough to decide whether you would still like to continue or not.


A lot of other Host Excellence Web Hosting reviews have attested that their support staff is the most knowledgeable and most helpful web hosting support staff they have seen. They guarantee a 1 hour turn around time, and if there are any delays, your account balance will be credited depending on how long the delay was. The Host Excellence support staff is available 24 hours and can be contacted through email, live chat, and through their hotline.

Ease of Use

Host Excellence provides all their clients with H Sphere which contains a control panel with a simple interface which can help clients do all their tasks with ease.

Customer Reviews

Customer Name: George J

Review: "I have been with Hostexcellence as my web hosting provider for a number
of years. I have always found the service to be excellent and although
it is rare that I have any problems when I do there is always a friendly
and helpful member of staff available at all times to assist. I would
recommend Hostexcellence to anyone looking for a web hosting service"

Customer Name: Ernie R
Review: "I started using Host Excellence several years ago when I continued
getting poor service from a highly rated service provider. I did my
homework and decided to use Host Excellence. To date I give them a
5-star rating!! Here's why:

They are always up!
They are customer focused!
They answer the phone!
They employ knowledgeable staff!

What more could you ask. I will continue adding new clients through Host
Excellence. "

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