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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > IXWebHosting.Com Web Hosting Review

IXWebHosting Web Hosting Review

Most Attractive: IX Web Hosting offers both Linux and Windows based web hosting plans. Not many web hosts offer both options. They also offer a 7 day risk free trial. If you don’t like their service in that 7 days period, you can cancel and you won’t be charged.

Least Attractive: There are web hosting companies that offer more free advertising credits for Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. This isn’t a huge deal and doesn’t pertain to the quality of their service.



Editor's Review


The IXwebhosting service provider is one of the most known service providers in the country to date. They have been around since 1999, and have been supporting people and helping them when it comes to creating a website either for their personal or business ventures. Aside from being one of the senior web hosting service providers in the country, IX web hosting is also known for their low rates and exceptional customer service. Nothing is better than getting a web hosting provider which will give you all your needs without shelling out a chunk of cash.

Getting something cheap does not mean that the product is of low class. Price must never be the basis of how good or bad a company is. Through this IXwebhosting review we will learn what this product has to offer and if it is really worth buying.

Price and Plans

IX web hosting has 3 plans from which you can choose from. For other web hosting service providers out in the market, the only difference between the plans are the length of subscriptions. This is where IX stands out, as you visit the website of IX web hosting and check out their plans, you will see that they don’t just differ on the length of subscription but on the package inclusions as well. This will make consumers decide better since time isn’t the deciding factor anymore. Here some of the details of each plan:

  • Expert Plan. $3.95 per month; includes unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and hosted domains. You will be given 2 free IPs and 1 free domain registration to use. This is best for individuals or companies who are using IX for the very first time since this can serve as a trial and testing ground.

  • Business Plus. $7.95 per month; includes unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and hosted domains. You will be given 3 free IPs and 2 free domain registrations to use.

  • Unlimited Pro. $7.95 per month; includes unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and hosted domains. You will be given 15 free IPs and 3 free domain registrations to use.

As you can see, the Business Plan and the Unlimited Pro have exactly the same rates. So which one is better? The answer depends on how you will use IX as a web hosting service provider. Remember that it is not advisable to or purchase something which you aren’t sure if you will use it. Though the Unlimited Pro might look like the best deal since it has more inclusions, are you sure you will use all of them? If not then better get a Business Plan first, and upgrade to the Unlimited Pro if you will need more.


The IX web hosting only has a 30 day trial period before you can decide to keep or not to keep the files on your computer. If you think that people do not complain after getting cable TV, and then you are wrong, they complain so we should always remember what we say to other people.

The 30 day guarantee is just enough to see if you will still need some extra stuff. Some companies even have a money back guarantee if she is not satisfied with what she ate.


IX web hosting has everything that a regular ticketing officer has. You will get unlimited domains and 99.9% up time which to my opinion are the top two things that one looks for in a reliable web hosting service providers. Other IX Web Hosting reviews don’t really discuss much about each feature found on the plan that you will avail, all in all the inclusions are pretty much the same as the other web hosting service providers.


IX Web Hosting is one of the best when it comes to customer support. They have a very reliable team of customer support agents which can be contacted through their hotlines and through live chat. The Help Support center is online 24/7, round the clock and can be easily contacted. You will never run into endless ringing through the telephone wherein no one really answers. People who are on live chat also answer queries immediately without fail. All in all I give IX’s customer support a 5 out of 5.

Ease of Use

For people new to everything in the web hosting industry, it can be pretty confusing to go and build your own website. But with IX Web Hosting they provide tutorials on how to do them which can help clients familiarize themselves on the different ways to build a website. Customer support is also there 24/7 so you know that help is always around when you need it.

Customer's Reviews

*Customer Comment:*

Being completely new to owning a website, I did a bit of research regarding the specific features that are desirable and most professional....there are so many hosting sites--it became a bit confusing. Eventually I found an article that discussed the features and options. I found that ixwebhosting offers everything a business needs and wants to provide a professional, secure and comprehensive website for their business use. I chose ixwebhosting and I am so glad I did!

My website is a very important tool for my business and I really feel like it is safe with ixwebhosting, I know it is "up and running" and I get the feeling from your services that my business is important to

I have utilized your services for about a year now and I have never had a problem with any downtime or server problems or anything. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, professional and available 24/7. They have provided me a great deal of support and useful advice. I can't thank you enough! Your services and professional staff have helped me with all of my website needs and keep things running worry free.

I also really enjoy the occasional newsletters and the information you
share with your customers. Thank you for your services and I thank the technical support staff for being kind, patient and providing great support--as a newbie when I was trying to make my website I made a lot of phone calls to technical support. Again, thank you for all that you do! I appreciate your service! Thanks!

Leslie D

*Customer Comment:*

"WOW! What can I say about IXwebhosting? I love the Customer Service. Their help is out of this world. They will help you no matter how long it takes, I am very happy to be a member of IX. The cost for webspace can not be beat. I have told a lot of people about IX and got a lot of people to join IXwebhosting and I know they feel the same as I do, IX webhosting is the best!

Leslie F

*Customer Comment*:

I have been a customer of IX for 2 years now and during this time, I have had no problems with my hosting account. I have had a few encounters with the helpdesk regarding technical issues I faced setting up websites/ content management systems and even moving my account to new servers. I am really happy with the response from your helpdesk.

They spent as much time on my case as required to ensure that my site was up and running before they let me go. I should quote the recent encounter with your technical specialist, Alex, who took the time and patiently guided me through the issues I was facing. He eventually let me go after I assured him that my site was working as required.

I have been a customer at many hosting companies before this and I have never been satisfied with the help I received.

Apoorva P.

*Customer Comment*:

"When I decided to leave my last host because of lack of space and less-than-ideal up-time, I spent several days researching what would be the best host for me. I am extremely impressed by the service offered by IXWebhosting - the nearly unparalleled customer support, fantastic up-time and excellent prices. The speed and capacity of the servers is also a big plus for my media-based website."

Casey M

*Customer Comment:*

"IX personnel always have been the most courteous and efficient and helpful of any organization one might contact."

Marian A

*Customer Comment*:

"I have been using another web hosting company for several years for various clients. I had become disatisfied with them for several reasons. When a new client approached me to build a website for her, I decided to shop around on the web for another web hosting company.

I did one of those google searches "best hosting companies" and IX Web Hosting came up. I compared your services to about 6 others and decided to go with IX WH. I was so pleased with the results - those being great customer service, being able to call and speak to knowledgable and friendly staff withing a reasonable amount of time, being able to use the control panel to make the web configuration changes I needed, the promptness of your service, etc.

After completing my clients website and hosting it on IX, I recently switched a second account from my old hosting company and I plan on switching a couple of others in the near future. Any new clients I get, I will recommend that they use IX."

Fernando C

*Customer Comment:*

"IX Web Hosting has provided me with a rich toolset
for my small business website, Everything from
building my site from scratch, to the immediate 24x7 support, far
exceeded my expectations and helped my small business grow. I am
extremely satisfied with IX, and would recommend them to any friend!"

John S.

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