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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > ServePath.Com Web Hosting Review

ServePath.Com Web Hosting Review



Servepath, an award-winning company specializes in load-balanced networks, managed servers, and dedicated servers for businesses and organizations of all sizes seeking a powerful internet hosting network.

Servepath’s load-balanced network is designed for businesses that require a server that prevent downtime and lost business opportunities. The network through Servepath features multi-server networks through a variety of plans including a business path, advanced path, ultra path, enterprise path, and storage path. All plan offer front-end web servers and back-end application, file, and database servers that are connected via a gigabit or fastE private network.

The managed servers through Servepath features a portfolio of managed services to enable customers to run a web site or Internet application through a dedicated server and certified technician. Managed services include: security services, backup, storage, networking, monitoring, colocation, and streaming media solutions

The dedicated servers through Servepath features a variety of unique hardware and operating systems that are fully customizable to meet all customers needs and requirements. Dedicated servers through Servepath enables customers to have full access and control to their server, which is useful in the case of an emergency and instant uploads. A dedicated server also offers customers the chance to maintain a lot of traffic, add databases, streaming media, complex configurations, and multiple servers through one site, which is not usually associated with dedicated hosting.

The network through Servepath is managed by Linux and UNIX systems that supports a variety of different versions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, FedoraFedora, DebianDebian, CentOSCentOS, UbuntuUbuntu, and FreeBSDFreeBSD.

Servepath also services windows and its multitude of versions including Windows Server 2003 Standard and Web Edition, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-V, Standard and Web editions, SQL Server 2005 Standard, Workgroup, and Express editions, and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, and Express editions.

Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers are all backed by Servepath’s team of certified engineers that build networks for SATA, SCSI and SAS 15K HDDs and RAID. The company also offers 100 Mbps Internet uplink, public network VLAN, unlimited private VLAN bandwidth, KVM over IP, and customizable server hardware.

The basic business path plan through Servepath features an 100% uptime guarantee, unlimited private VLAN bandwidth, hardware replacement guarantee, and fully managed DNS. All plans with Serverpath come with 25 GB NAS, 16 IP addresses, remote server reboot, ping monitoring w/proactive response, hardware replacement guarantee, 100% Uptime guarantee, unlimited private VLAN bandwidth, fully managed DNS, and SAS 70 Type II compliant.

Servepath offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Servepath’s technicians and call center staff are available by phone, live chat, and online forms where customers have access to technicians and a customer service team.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Servepath was founded in 2001.

Click Here to Visit ServePath.Com Web Hosting

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