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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > ServerBeach.Com Web Hosting Review

ServerBeach.Com Web Hosting Review



Dubbed as a legion of Geeks, the team at Serverbeach is a dedicated hosting provider that delivers powerful servers, server management tools, and LifeGuard Support.

The hosting plan through Serverbeach features a variety of packages to fit all budgets and needs. ServeBeach offers a basic valueline package that offers a free web setup to the more advanced Dual Xeon 5420 DQC package that features more intricate features including expanded memory and space. All packages through ServerBeach include GB /mo bandwidth, management tools, hardware replacement SLA, RAID capable, and high performance memory (Up to 800 Mhz, 7200 RPM SATA II Hard Drives, and between 10 Mbps-100 Mbps of port speed)

Serverbeach offers also customers unique server management tools through their Rapid Reboot, Rapid Rescue, and Rapid Reload programs. These programs give customers the control to manage, troubleshoot, and instantly reboot their own servers directly through Serverbeach’s individual portal called MyServerBeach portal. This portal provides customers with a personalized email account and login information to secure that servers are safe as well as allow customers to maintain and organize the infrastructure of their server. This provides a user-friendly level of control where customers can have immediate and quick access to their server without the assistance of an onsite technician during the course of an emergency. The programs also features automatic network cards, IP network traffic testing, the ability to reboot and real-time viewing of status. This allows customers to save time and money as well the ability to install, recover, repair, and  operate their own servers. All server management tools are free to current Serverbeach customers.

Servebeach allows customers to purchase a backup server in different location other than where the main server is maintained. This unique feature allows Serverbeach customers the ability to backup their data and sensitive information in another location that is maintained in the same location as the original server. This can assist Serverbeach customers in the event of an emergency or problem.

Serverbeach also offers its customer’s remote data storage and backup through an FTP backup and SAN backup, firewall protection, private networks, server management tools, content delivery network (CDN), private rack, network upgrades, and access to software such as Linux, Unix, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Plesk, cPanel, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. All plans through Serverbeach feature an 100% network uptime guarantee.

Serverbeach offers a LifeGuard Support system team where customers have access to dedicated experts, 27 hours a day 7 days a week. Customers can contact Serverbeach’s call center staff and it tech support by phone, live chat and online support ticketing. Serverbeach customers also have access to an online user forum.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, ServerBeach was founded in 1996.

Click Here to Visit ServerBeach.Com Web Hosting

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