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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > SoftLayer.Com Web Hosting Review

SoftLayer.Com Web Hosting Review



SoftLayer is a global company that supplies servers, softlayer virtualization, and integrated solutions to customers for the web.

SoftLayer features a virtual data center that provides fast and efficient service options to their customers with XenServer, Hyper-V, VMWare, and Virtuozzo applications. SoftLayer offers a virtual private rack, virtual dedicated rack, and virtual datacenter packages. All virtualization packages through SoftLayer include: unused rack space, reconfiguring server IPs, or physically moving servers, public and private VLANs for secure connections, and free cross connects.

The reseller option through SoftLayer features a five-tiered discount package. A reseller through SoftLayer gives all non-exclusive rights to the company as well as any products that are sold under SoftLayer’s name. All reseller packages must adhere to a variety of requirements including: having a verifiable Web site, company name, and address, providing technical, billing and accounting support to  clients, dealing with all SPAM, DMCA and abuse reports, and resell servers through SoftLayer servers above the listed price. Once these requirements are meet, reseller customers have discounts from normal pricing and setup fees, SoftLayer Open API and out-of-band private network, white label services, RescueLayer for reboots, preferential delivery on limited inventory and promotional products, preferential pricing on overstock inventory, preferential cancellation policy, preferential server delivery, published reseller information for all IP’s with RWhois/SWIP/Reverse DNS, ACH payments, license manager for Helm, Plesk, and cPanel, and customized portals. 

SoftLayer also offers customer network, hardware, security, server, and storage solutions. Network Solutions include: load balancing, firewalls, content delivery network, Anycast DNS, IDS/IPS, and digital transcoding. Security solutions through SoftLayer include: SAS, SATA, RAID, NAS, and iSCSI. Hardware solutions through SoftLayer include: Intel, AMD, Single, Dual and Quad Processor, Single, Dual, Quad and Hex Core. Storage Solutions include: EVault Backup and Replication, iSCSI Storage, Snapshots and Replication, and FTP/NAS Storage.

SoftLayer deals with a variety of software such as Microsoft, Red Hat, Parallels, and McAfee.  Additionally, the company works with a variety of servers such as AMD Opteron 170, Intel Pentium D, Intel Xeon 3050, Xeon 3000 Series, and Opteron 2000 Series.

All services through SoftLayer feature the company’s services standards, which includes: Intel & AMD Multi-core Hardware, public and private networks, multiple data centers, 10/100/1000Mbps server uplinks, enterprise racks, automated deployment and reloads, OS update servers, security from TippingPoint, IDS/IPS/DdoS, SSL VPN access, host and IPMI monitoring, remote reboot/Console/KVM over IP, API for customization, 1GB storage lockbox, cross connects for free, DNS servers, and Rackmount servers,

SoftLayer’s customer support team and certified technicians are available 24 hours a day seven days a week by phone, live chat and online support ticketing. Customers also get access to an online user forum, an extensive FAQ section, and flash tutorials.

SoftLayer was founded in 2005 and is located in Plano, Texas.

Click Here to Visit SoftLayer.Com Web Hosting

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