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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > StartLogic.Com Web Hosting Review

StartLogic Web Hosting Review

Most Attractive: StartLogic offers both Linux and Windows hosting plans. For a Linux plan they charge $5.95/month with a one year commitment. They charge $9.95/month for a one year commitment on a Windows package. Both packages are competitive.

Least Attractive: They don’t offer unlimited bandwidth and storage on all of their packages. Be sure to read the details of each plan. They do have some plans that are unlimited.



Editor's Review


I started to doubt StartLogic the moment I visited their website. The website was not that attractive as compared to other web hosting service providers. However, while reading through the numerous StartLogic reviews online I learned that we must not judge the book by its cover. Interestingly, StartLogic is actually a really good company.

Being relatively new in the web hosting scene, they have made a name for themselves by maintaining a high level of satisfaction in terms of customer service. Great customer service plus affordable prices make the best web hosting and StartLogic is the perfect company to get plans like these.

Through the years that StartLogic has been in the web hosting industry, they have already received numerous awards and recognitions such as the Host of the Year in 2006, Best Windows hosting in 2005, and Host of the year in 2006. With the roster of awards that they have been receiving there is no doubt that Start logic web hosting is indeed one of the best web hosting companies in the market.

Price and Plans

StartLogic offers 3 different plans form which clients can choose from. Unlike other web hosting service providers, StartLogic does not provide plans, which differ only with the length of subscription. StartLogic has 3 plans, which have different features depending on the needs of their different clients.

  • Personal Logic. The personal logic plan is the cheapest of all plans and comes in at just $3.95 per month. This is the best plan for those who are building their website for the first time and want to test how it is to have a web hosting service provider supply them with all their needs. The main features of the Personal Logic plan include 60GB of storage; full-utilized Google webmaster tools; unlimited email boxes and 24 hours customer support.

  • Windows Logic. For those who want a bigger storage than this is the best plan for them. The Windows Logic provides users with 100GB of storage, the ability to host unlimited domains, fully integrated Google webmaster tools, 24 hours customer support and even free listings on The windows logic is $8.95 a month

  • Prologic. For bigger companies and those who demand more from their web hosting service provider, the Prologic plan is the best plan to purchase. It offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, the ability to host unlimited domains, a point and click website, listing on, and 24 hours customer support all for just $5.95 a month.


StartLogic has a 30-day money back guarantee. With this web hosting service provider, they give their clients a maximum of 30 days as a trial period to decide whether or not they want to continue their subscription with StartLogic. If they are unhappy, they are entitled to a full refund as long as they cancel or withdraw their subscription within the allotted 30-day period.


StartLogic, just like every other web hosting company known has all the basic features of a web hosting service provider. Some of the best features of StartLogic include the free listings on to ensure that you get extra hits on your website and fully integrated Google webmaster tools. These two features are just some of the features that separate StartLogic from all the other web hosting service providers out there.


The StartLogic hosting support staff is one of the best customer support staff I have seen in a long time. You can easily contact them through online live chat, through email, or through their hotline. All answers are answered by their knowledgeable staff and they make sure that there are definitely no delays when it comes to helping out their clients who need help.

Ease of Use

Either you have used a previous web hosting provider before or will be using StartLogic for the first time, their simple web interface and control panels gives each client full access to managing their websites. Everything from making your website look good to billing and accounting can be done in just one click.



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