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Home > Web Hosting Reviews > VPSNext.Com Web Hosting Review

VPSNext.Com Web Hosting Review


VPS Next

Virtual private servers are an affordable way to place websites on a private server. However, it is virtual. The cost is significantly less than having a dedicated server just for the business. And individuals who wish to have a website residing by itself can take advantage of this offer as well.

For 50 GB of disk space, 2,000 GB of bandwidth, $50 in Adwords advertising, root access, and cPanel WHM, packages start at around $49.95 and go as high as $89.95 per month. It really depends on the needs of the individual and the needs of the business as to what package will fit best.

Another aspect about VPSNext that is important is the customer service that is made available. Live customer is available when it is needed. Through the website, an individual is able to chat with a customer service representative. There are also special promotions to help save a little bit of money. For instance, there may be a sign up bonus of 20% off of the package price.

Most importantly, VPSNext actually takes the time to show customers how VPS works. They do a comparison with other providers to show what it is they offer, which explains why they may be somewhat elevated in price compared to other VPS providers. They also outline reasons why a company or individual would wish to invest in VPS. The reasons given include the reseller capabilities, the ability to customize VPS, companies have the ability to use their own software, virtual private servers enable the fast repair of any issue, and it serves as a low-end dedicated server.

VPSNext offers a 30 day money back guarantee. There is also a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Email and live chat support are available 24/7 and 365 days per year. The security measures are advanced and the websites on VPSNext’s system is monitored constantly. Then there is the fact that the firewall is customizable, backups are available, and a switch between MySQL and PHP is possible.

There is also the fact that there are no setup fees.

VPSNext provides many benefits to individuals and companies needing their hosting to not be shared with others. Some companies and individuals do not want to have to share with any other website. It is a peace of mind and a security thing. It is possible on shared servers for one website’s problem to compromise another website, so those with sensitive websites cannot afford for something to occur.

VPSNext also offers individuals the ability to sell their VPS hosting services. If an individual or company can refer at least 15 people per month, then they want to hear from those individuals and companies. This enables some money making potential for the affiliate and for VPSNext.

Click Here to Visit VPSNext.Com Web Hosting

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